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We're a Great Place to Work

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We're elated to share some exciting news – Hanlon Plumbing has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first plumbing company within the New Zealand construction industry to attain accreditation from greatplacetowork. This achievement holds a special place in our hearts, and we're eager to delve into the details of what this prestigious recognition means for us.

Great Place to Work Accreditation:

The 'Great Place to Work' accreditation is a distinguished international recognition that sets a standard for organisations committed to creating positive and engaging workspaces for their employees. This accolade isn't just a token gesture; it represents our dedication to fostering a workplace culture that prioritises professional satisfaction and long-term commitment from our team.

Team Satisfaction and Retention:

Our team's satisfaction is the heartbeat of our success. The longevity of our team members speaks volumes about the positive environment we've cultivated at Hanlon Plumbing. This accreditation signifies more than just a workplace – it embodies an atmosphere where individuals not only enjoy their work but choose to build their careers with us.

Strategic Importance in Human Resource Development:

Earning the 'Great Place to Work' recognition aligns seamlessly with our strategic approach to Human Resource development. This accreditation reinforces our commitment to attracting and retaining top-tier talent that aligns not only with our professional values but also with the positive and empowering culture we've worked hard to instill at Hanlon Plumbing.

Upholding a Positive Reputation:

As we celebrate this achievement, we acknowledge the significance of maintaining and enhancing our positive reputation. We recognise that our workplace culture is a pivotal factor in attracting the right talent. Being recognised as a 'Great Place to Work' serves as a powerful endorsement, assuring both current and prospective employees that Hanlon Plumbing is a workplace where skills are valued, and contributions are acknowledged.


Hanlon Plumbing's journey to achieving 'Great Place to Work' accreditation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the workplace. This milestone isn't the culmination of our efforts but a pivotal step in our continuous pursuit of providing an outstanding work environment. As we celebrate this success, we look forward to welcoming new team members who share our dedication to professional excellence and who will contribute to the prosperous future of Hanlon Plumbing. Join us in this journey where work is not merely a task but an enriching and fulfilling experience.

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