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Plumbing Maintenance services that exceed expectations

As the leading provider of plumbing maintenance services for commercial clients, our core value lies in providing reliable and efficient service that exceeds expectations. Our team of highly trained professionals adheres to strict standards, ensuring precision and attention to detail in all tasks.
We take pride in our client-centric approach, building strong relationships by assigning dedicated teams to work closely with you. With advanced technology, transparent communication, and a comprehensive range of services, Hanlon is your trusted partner for all your plumbing maintenance needs.



Discover the difference with Hanlon, where advanced technology, clear communication, and a skilled team come together to give you exceptional results. Our user-friendly software ensures efficient planning and reporting, keeping you in the loop. What’s more, you can always rely on our punctual service and a friendly, client-focused approach. Let our experienced team handle all your plumbing maintenance needs with care and professionalism.

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Our standout services blend advanced technology, transparent communication, and customised reporting for optimal planning, full visibility, and eco-friendly operations.

Advanced Technology:

Advanced technology and efficient organisation make our services stand out from the rest. This includes leveraging cutting-edge software and scheduling tools for optimal planning, preparation, organisation, and reporting for your project.

Transparent Communication:

You'll have full visibility into the process, knowing exactly when and where we'll be working, what tasks will be completed, and who will be on the job.

Customised Reporting:

Our paperless systems provide transparent communication, offering detailed information about completed works, and aligning with our commitment to sustainability.


Our highly skilled professionals bring expertise to meet all your plumbing maintenance needs, offering end-to-end services and adhering to the highest standards of precision and attention to detail.

Highly Skilled Professionals:

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are leaders in their respective fields and who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to meet your unique commercial maintenance needs.

End-to-End Services:

In addition to our specialised expertise, we offer end-to-end services. If additional works are required, we can leverage our other Hanlon divisions to ensure your work is completed seamlessly.

Highest Standards of Workmanship:

We adhere to strict standards, ensuring that every task is completed with precision and attention to detail.

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With an impeccable track record, consistently on-time delivery, and a commitment to earning your trust, Hanlon is your reliable partner for all your plumbing maintenance needs.

Proven Track Record:

With a solid track record and client-focused approach, you can have confidence that your maintenance needs are in capable hands.

On Time, Every Time:

Our team is dedicated to completing projects on time, every time. Punctuality is our hallmark, and we prioritise promptness to minimise disruptions to your operations. We meticulously plan each job to ensure a well-organised and structured approach.

Service You Can Trust:

At Hanlon we believe that building trust is essential in a business relationship. Our team is committed to earning and maintaining your trust through open communication, reliability, and exceptional service.

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Our emphasis on cultivating meaningful relationships and offering customised solutions sets us apart in delivering exceptional service to meet all your plumbing needs.

Building Strong Relationships:

Building strong relationships with our clients is at the core of our business. We assign dedicated teams to work closely with you, fostering trust and confidence.

Dedicated Maintenance Plumber:

With dedicated teams handling your projects, you'll always know who is on your job. This allows you to develop a familiarity with your dedicated maintenance plumber, ensuring a strong and lasting relationship.

Focussed on Solutions for You:

Our dedicated maintenance team members are committed to timely response times and efficient problem-solving, ensuring that your plumbing needs are addressed promptly and effectively. You can rely on us to be there when you need us, minimising downtime and ensuring your satisfaction.

Our Services

As your leading provider of commercial maintenance services, at Hanlon, we offer reliable, efficient, and quality-driven solutions. Our dedicated and skilled team, advanced technology, and transparent communication ensure a seamless experience for our clients. With a proven track record and a client-centric approach, we prioritise building trust and delivering exceptional service.
Trust Hanlon for maintenance services that exceed your expectations and give you lasting peace of mind.

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