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Our People

At Hanlon, our expertly skilled and resourceful team are the backbone of our operations. Their collective expertise, combined with a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, enable us to provide exceptional services to our clients. Through rigorous in-house training, our team consistently delivers outstanding workmanship, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality services and reliable customer support.

But our approach goes beyond technical excellence. We recognise the importance of building strong and lasting relationships with our clients. Trust is the foundation of any successful business partnership, and we make it our top priority to earn and maintain your trust. By fostering transparent communication and offering regular updates, our team keep you informed and promptly address any questions or concerns. At Hanlon, we place you at the centre of every project, adopting a customer-centric approach that ensures tailored solutions that exceed your expectations.

To achieve this, we assign dedicated teams to work closely with you, nurturing a strong and enduring partnership. By understanding your unique needs and requirements, we develop customised strategies and deliver results that align with your goals. Our commitment to long-standing relationships means that we invest in your success, providing ongoing support and adapting to your evolving needs.

At Hanlon, we believe that a successful collaboration is built on trust, expertise, and client-focused solutions. With us, you can expect a seamless experience, where our skilled team combines their technical expertise with a dedication to your satisfaction. Trust us to be your reliable partner, delivering excellence in every aspect of our services.


Hanlon is your leading provider of comprehensive plumbing services, offering end-to-end solutions that go beyond traditional plumbing. We pride ourselves on delivering sophisticated and tailored plumbing services using cutting-edge technologies and expertise. With our scalable resources, well-structured operations, and efficient project management, Hanlon can seamlessly handle large projects while maintaining a high level of organisation.

What sets Hanlon apart is our commitment to providing comprehensive services. In addition to our specialised plumbing expertise, we offer a wide range of services including maintenance, pumps, environmental, and drainage solutions. This means that we can address all aspects of a project, ensuring a seamless and integrated experience for our clients. Whether additional works are required or specialised expertise is needed, at Hanlon we leverage our expertly skilled team across our plumbing, maintenance, pumps, environmental, and drainage divisions to provide you with a comprehensive solution.

Hanlon is the trusted choice for all your plumbing-related needs. As a leading provider of comprehensive plumbing services, we offer customised end-to-end solutions using cutting-edge technologies. What truly sets us apart is our ability to provide a diverse range of services, including maintenance, pumps, environmental, and drainage solutions, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. With efficient project management and scalable resources, we handle even the largest and most challenging projects efficiently, while maintaining the highest standards and ensuring your satisfaction.

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Hanlon is a leader in plumbing innovation and technology. Our unique approach surpasses traditional plumbing services, utilising cutting-edge technologies to deliver sophisticated solutions tailored to your needs. With our scalable resources and efficient systems, we handle large projects with ease, ensuring exceptional results and high levels of organisation throughout even the most complex projects.

With Hanlon, you get the perfect blend of experience and innovation: We combine long-standing industry expertise with modern, adaptable technology to always stay one step ahead. Our team of highly skilled professionals undergo rigorous in-house training to stay up to date with the latest technological advancements, ensuring exceptional services for our clients.

Leading with innovation, we optimise project planning and management. Our assisted reality technology enhances onsite planning and collaboration, streamlining workflows and ensuring precise execution. Furthermore, with accurate software tools, we provide detailed cost estimates and project timelines, empowering you to make informed decisions.

At Hanlon, we leverage digital tools to enhance coordination and productivity. Through seamless API integrations, we create efficient experiences for our clients, maximising real-time communication and boosting project outcomes. Our commitment to innovation drives efficiency and transparency in all aspects of our services.

Our Leadership Team

Meet our team of experienced and highly qualified management professionals dedicated to providing our clients with excellent services and completing projects.

Simon Hanlon FNP002

Simon Hanlon


Simon's extensive experience in the commercial plumbing sector propelled him to develop multi-level plumbing services for clients with a fresh, proactive, and well-managed approach. As a certified plumber, Simon leverages over 22 years of experience, applying his expertise in working with a diverse range of clients, including hospitals, commercial enterprises, hospitality establishments, government projects, and green star initiatives. Serving as the director of Hanlon for the past 18 years, he remains dedicated to building lasting relationships with clients, fostering business growth, and consistently pushing the boundaries of excellence for all stakeholders.

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Mark Page

General Manager

With more than 33 years of extensive experience in the Australian and New Zealand markets, Mark Page has played a pivotal role in Business Development and Management, contributing a wealth of knowledge to various divisions within the Hanlon Group. A strategic thinker committed to advancing business goals and people-driven leadership, Mark boasts a proven track record of fostering growth within the organisation. His expertise lies in successfully implementing cutting-edge technology to streamline processes, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and efficiency.

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Jason Carr

Commercial Division Leader

With 25 years of diverse experience in both construction management and commercial plumbing, Jason emerges as a versatile professional, adept in a variety of skills. Throughout his career, he has successfully overseen multi-million dollar commercial projects spanning healthcare, government initiatives, green star, and hospitality sectors. Jason's commitment extends beyond project management; he is devoted to ensuring exceptional outcomes for each venture he undertakes. Currently focused on expanding Hanlon's presence across New Zealand, he brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to the growth and success of the company.

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Jerome Smith

Maintenance Manager

Jerome is a Tradesman Plumber and brings over 22 years of invaluable experience to the Plumbing Industry. Through his dedication and expertise, he has meticulously crafted a credible reputation and established strong rapport with a diverse clientele. Jerome played a pivotal role in transforming Hanlon Maintenance into the thriving division it is today. His accomplishments extend to securing long-term Maintenance Contracts in various sectors, including Retail, Property Management, Food Services, Medical, Public, and Industrial, showcasing his commitment to excellence across a broad spectrum of industries.

Neil Thompson FNP020

Neil Thompson

Commercial Contracts Manager

With a robust background in managing large-scale commercial projects within the Auckland area, Neil brings extensive expertise to the table. Overseeing multi-million-dollar projects across diverse industries, including apartments, hotels, hospitals, airports, schools, and office blocks, has been a hallmark of his career. Throughout his professional journey, he has demonstrated leadership by managing teams of up to 150 plumbers and laborers. Collaborating seamlessly with architects, consultants, and sales representatives, Neil ensures a holistic approach for project success. Neil's commitment lies in delivering high-quality work punctually and consistently surpassing expectations, reflecting his passion for excellence in every project undertaken.

Shatendra Kumar FNP005

Shalendra Kumar

Commercial Manager

With over 29 years of experience in the construction industry as a Plumber, Senior Estimator, and Senior Quantity Surveyor, Shalendra acts as the Commercial Manager at Hanlon Plumbing and is a seasoned professional. Shalendra specialises in overseeing large-scale and bespoke projects, managing costs, negotiating services and resources, and ensuring strict adherence to deadlines. Collaborating closely with Quantity Surveyors, Estimating Teams, Contract/Project Managers, and the Procurement/Purchasing Team, he plays a pivotal role in the successful delivery of projects. His extensive portfolio includes diverse projects such as military facilities, prisons, hospitals, hotels, airports, schools, universities, apartments, and retail spaces.

Mathew Murnane FNP012

Mathew Murnane

Pumps Services Manager

With two decades of industry expertise, Mat brings a wealth of knowledge to the tender project. Holding certifications as a registered Electrician and Plumber, Mat possesses a versatile skill set that complements his extensive experience in overseeing commercial pump service contracts. His professional journey has taken him to diverse sites across various sectors, including Retail, Property Management, Food Services, Medical, Public, and Industrial. Mat's commitment to excellence and his multifaceted background position him as a valuable asset for successful project outcomes.

brett wright headshot

Brett Wright

Environmental Manager

With over 15 years of experience, Brett leads the Environmental team as the Business Development Manager. His expertise lies in cultivating and nurturing new client relationships, consistently driven by his commitment to excellence and efficiency. Brett's strategic vision and dedication have significantly contributed to the team's growth and success, making him an invaluable asset to the organisation.


Brent Duffy

Small Works Manager

Brent, a certifying plumber and gas fitter, leads our dynamic small works division with over a decade of expertise. His extensive experience spans both residential and commercial plumbing, showcasing a remarkable portfolio of bespoke projects across diverse sectors in the Auckland region. From intricate residential fit-outs to multimillion-dollar ventures, Brent and his team consistently raise the bar, delivering excellence at elevated standards. His unwavering commitment to projects and surpassing client expectations for quality stands as a testament to his dedication and the division's ongoing success.

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Jessica Fourie

Health, Safety and Environmental Manager

Jessica boasts over six years of dedicated experience in the construction and building industry, with a specialised focus on Health and Safety (H&S). In her current role as the Health, Safety, and Environmental Manager, she plays a crucial role in overseeing all aspects of H&S implementations and operations. Jessica's contributions have been instrumental in securing Totika and Telarc ISO accreditations for the Hanlon Group. Additionally, she has augmented her expertise by earning certifications, including the New Zealand level 6 diploma in Health and Safety. Jessica's commitment to maintaining the highest health and safety standards is evident in her continuous pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

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Cheny Zhan

Group Financial Controller

With 15 years of accounting experience across diverse industries, including manufacturing, project management, wholesale, and education, Cheny is a valuable addition to Hanlon's financial team. Specialising in management accounting, project accounting, financial reporting, financial management, and product costing/pricing, Cheny is proficient in various accounting software such as SAP B1, NetSuite, MYOB, Xero, SAGE Pastel, and adept in tools like Excel, Word, Outlook, FileMaker, and Polytimer. Her commitment to precision and excellence in financial operations aligns with Hanlon's ethos. Cheny's dynamic skill set allows her to contribute effectively across sectors, driving financial success and operational efficiency for the Hanlon team.

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Loren May

Waikato Project Manager

Loren has worked in the plumbing industry for over 18 years. Starting as a certifying plumber, his career has evolved into that of an experienced estimator and now a project manager for our Waikato projects. His extensive background in plumbing ensures a well-rounded understanding of commercial plumbing projects, allowing him to provide clients with accurate job estimations and proficient project management.

Brett Downey Head Shot

Brett Downey

Infrastructure Manager

With over 38 years of experience in large-scale commercial infrastructure and developments, Brett has developed a reputation for overseeing and completing projects for major infrastructure leaders in New Zealand. Working not only as an owner and director of his own civil construction firm, he has also spent years working on multi-million dollar infrastructure projects across Auckland,New Zealand and the Pacific. His most recent projects within Hanlon include the Milldale Retirement Living (Summerset). His previous work includes key projects such as the Brownfields development program, working with Kainga Ora’s long-term urban regeneration project across older Auckland neighborhoods, valued at $1 billion, where he worked as the Handover Manager.


Nina King

People Development and Human Resource Manager

Nina joins the Hanlon team with an extensive background in Health and Safety as our People Development and Human Resources Manager. She holds a double major degree in International Business Management and Human Resources. Nina is dedicated to the business and its people, enhancing our excellence and contributing to the future success of Hanlon.