Hanlon Environmental was formed in response to clients as well as to ensure minimal delays in response time for critical projects. Our trained team of expert operators combined have over 55 years of knowledge and experience in all fields that cover the range of services we offer.

We operate a state of the art modern hydro-excavation/vacuum combo units with 4,000 litres to 10,000 litres vacuum capabilities. Our trucks meet the demanding requirements of the business and our fast growing business. Each equipped with adjustable water blasters, additional freshwater supply/drain unblocking units, and full CCTV setups. Rotatable booms, retractable flushing hoses and wireless remote control are some other features of our Smart-Dig units. Our vehicles are also equipped with fleet management units.

Providing Solutions to Your Problems

Hanlon Environmental stands by its promise to exceed customer expectations through professionalism, efficiency and quick response services in every facet of our company. 

In addition to that... 

  • We bring a proven track record
  • We have extensive industry knowledge and experience 
  • We have a hands-on Owner/Director 
  • We have worked on a variety of projects within all industry sectors of various sizes
  • We are ACC WSMP accredited and are Green status SiteWise 
  • We are agile, proactive, and responsive 
  • We take pride in what we achieve

Take a look at our range of Environmental services available in Auckland and surrounding areas and contact us for friendly, professional assistance from our team.

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