Prevention is clearly better than cure when it comes to protecting your assets. With our planned preventative maintenance our responsibility is to ensure that your pumps are working properly.

Hanlon Pumps Services planned maintenance will ensure no pumps failures not to mention minimising the risk of damaging and harmful environmental incidents.

Our trained team will check that everything meets specifications and keep your equipment in optimal working order.

With our regular pump maintenance, the benefits include:

  • Overall increased equipment efficiency

  • Reduced risk of failure

  • Less emergency callouts

  • Increased equipment life expectancy

  • Saving you time and money

Hanlon Pumps Planned Preventive Maintenance services are delivered to a broad range of sectors, including:

  •  Industrial

  •  Residential

  •  Commercial 

  •  Public

Interested in our Planned Preventive Maintenance service? Call us on 0508 4 HANLON to discuss your requirement or request a quotation