Are you experiencing water pressure lower than you’d like? There are different factors that could affect how good your water pressure is, including your location and how effective your pump is.

At Hanlon Pump Services we specialise in the service, maintenance and installation of cold-water and hot-water booster sets. Get in touch with our expert team and ask us how we can offer you a water pressure booster in Auckland and surrounding areas. 

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Booster Pump Repairs Auckland

We specialise in all brands of booster sets repairs, maintenance and installation and some of the leading brands in Auckland including:

  • Grundfos
  • Wilo
  • Lowara

Booster Pump Repair and Installation Services

We can examine the plumbing system to determine the root cause for the water pressure problems. After we identify the issue, we will recommend options for restoring or upgrading the water lines to fix the issue. If you require a booster pump, we offer a variety of different pumps our highly experienced electrical service technicians can install the best option for your property, also, perform routine maintenance on fixed speed pressure switch controlled units and variable speed inverter drive systems.

For Booster Pumps call our team now at 0508 4 HANLON to get your water pressure booster in Auckland wide!