Do you require a fast, safe and effective trenching/digging solution? Do you have sensitive underground equipment/tree roots that you need to dig around or gain access to without causing damage? No need for manual excavators, dump trucks and hand diggers, one of our vehicles does it all!

Our Hydro-Excavation services offer cost-effective, confident and risk reduced services. Using our high pressured hydro jets we can assist you with all your trenching and location needs. Hydro-Excavation is 3x faster than hand digging and safer too. Our high capacity trenching equipment can install water pipes, gas pipes, cables and ducts.

Trenching Service Auckland 

We offer a range of services from digging small service trench projects to larger more complex trench projects. At Hanlon Environmental we have the experience, skills and our high capacity trenching equipment can cut a trench up to 6m deep, as wide as necessary to complete the excavation. 

For reliable and efficient trench digging services get in touch with us for your residential and commercial projects.