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What are Retention and Detention Tanks

Water Retention Tanks

Water tanks are used to store water harvested from rooftops (rainwater) and/or hard surfaces on your property (stormwater). What makes them “retention” tanks is that the water is retained to be used for one purpose or another, rather than allowing it to drain away.

Investing in a water tank is the right thing to do, regardless of whether you’re in an urban or rural area. There are plenty of good reasons to install a water tank:

  • You might live in an area where there are strict water restrictions.

  • You might be in a council area where you’re required to install a tank or there is no town water service.

  • You might want to harvest rainwater to irrigate your garden.

  • You wish to top up your swimming pool without depending upon mains water.

Stormwater Detention Tank Installations

New houses often have on-site detention facilities constructed as part of their home drainage system. Such facilities normally include stormwater detention tanks.

Detention means the water will be “detained” for a limited period. 

Stormwater detention tanks are intended to remain empty, except during periods of rainfall and for a short time thereafter.

Unlike normal rainwater tanks, the distinguishing feature of a stormwater detention tank is that it is specially fitted with a valve to slowly release water over time. You have basically two options with a stormwater detention tank solution:

  • Use two water tanks, one to harvest rainwater and the other for stormwater detention

  • Use a specially made dual use water retention/detention system.

One might think simply storing water in a rainwater tank might be a good solution for reducing stormwater, however, in heavy downpours rainwater tanks can quickly fill up.

The emptying of stormwater by detention tanks keeps space available in the tank for more water to be detained in consecutive downpours. The slow release of water into drains from stormwater detention tanks helps to assist your local area with more manageable loads of water runoff, helping to prevent flooding.

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