Does your sewer infrastructure need rehabilitation? Confined spaces such as manholes are highly dangerous and should never be entered without proper approved training, procedures and safety equipment. The team at Hanlon Drainage are confined space trained.

Manholes exposed to a high level of Hydrogen Sulphide can undergo deterioration. 

Our manhole rehabilitation teams are fully trained to effectively and efficiently restore your manholes back to almost new condition with specialised equipment and advanced repair materials. 

Manhole rehabilitation solutions 

Hanlon Drainage offers Innovative and cost-effective manhole rehabilitation services for residential, commercial, industrial and public sectors including

  • Frame reconstruction

  • Inflow protector bins

  • Buildup and debris removal

  • Joint and crack sealing

  • Brickwork rehabilitations

  • Ladder rung installation

  • Benching

  • Pumping station rehabilitation

Are you experiencing groundwater infiltrating your collections system through manholes or tree root infiltration? Depending on your manhole conditions, we will specify the right product or repair to meet the need.

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