At Hanlon Drainage, we have the expertise, team and equipment to do a variety of hydro excavation services for residential, commercial, industrial or public sector clients.

We acknowledge the benefits of performing safe and cost-effective excavations. To avoid damaging underground utilities during construction projects, we apply prudent excavation techniques with specifically designed hydro-excavation equipment.

Hydro Excavation Service Auckland 

We expose underground utilities such as water services or hydro lines, using pressurised water that liquefies the soil cover. The excavated material is then drawn into a vacuum debris hose and stored in a debris tank positioned inside the hydro excavator. 

Hanlon Drainage uses hydro excavation for replacing some defective drains in areas where the excavated material cannot be used for filling the excavation. For residential customers, for instance, we can dig fence post holes in traditionally hard-to-reach places without disrupting surrounding landscaping. Our excavation fleet can also be effectively and safely used when digging in close range to a building foundation. 

Do you require a non-destructive method of excavation? Contact Hanlon Drainage or Call 0508 4 HANLON for your free Quotation.