At Hanlon Drainage, we install and maintain grease traps to meet the specific requirements of your business. We provide a fast, efficient and reliable grease trap installation service in Auckland and surrounding areas.

Also, we provide a regular or ad-hoc grease trap cleaning and maintenance service. We eliminate the build-up of grease using a Vacuum Loading/Suction. Our professionals are trained in hygiene standards and will perform the task of emptying your grease trap with the minimum of disruption to your property.

Grease traps tailored to suit your business needs

Grease traps/grease interceptors are specially designed to intercept most grease and solids before they enter a wastewater disposal system. Common wastewater contains small amounts of oils which enter into septic tanks and treatment facilities to form a floating scum layer.

This scum layer is very slowly digested and broken down by microorganisms in the anaerobic digestion process. Large amounts of oil from food preparation in restaurants can overwhelm a septic tank or treatment facility, causing a release of untreated sewage into the environment. High-viscosity fats and cooking grease solidify when cooled and can combine with other disposed solids to block drain pipes.

When correctly installed, these units can be extremely effective in intercepting fats, oils and grease from entering the wastewater disposal system. We also provide maintenance programs for the vacuum loading and disposal of the grease, before it becomes an issue and affects any drainage in and around the building. Get in touch to discuss your requirements with our team.

Manhole installation made easy, have the job done fast.

Manhole installation process requires a broad range of expertise, not simply a familiarity with plumbing. We are your local trusted experts. Without a team, you’ll end up with one person doing the job of many more people, and could cost you time and effort.

If you need manhole installation services, be sure to call up the specialists who can get the job done correctly and on time.

Contact Hanlon Drainage or Call 0508 4 HANLON to discuss your Manhole Installation requirements.