Hanlon Plumbing Ltd has a proven track record as the Hydraulic Design and Build contractor of choice within the Auckland market.



Hanlon Plumbing has a clear understanding of Hydraulic Design, NZCIC Guidelines, New Zealand Building Codes, NZ BIM Processes, Modern Hydraulic Installation methods, Plumbing Quantity Surveying, Modern Hydraulic Equipment/Materials, Modern Construction Techniques, Mechanical Services and more.


  • Hydraulic Specifications
  • Hydraulic Design Documentation
  • Hydraulic Calculations
  • Hydraulic Safety in Design
  • Infrastructure Reports
  • Accurate Value Engineering Processes
  • Produce 3D, LOD Accurate Coordinated Models
  • Accurate As Built & Documentation Manuals
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Hydraulic Monitoring Systems, both on site and remote

We believe being the single point of contact for every aspect of hydraulic system minimises the risk and reduces overall costs for the main contractor and project owner. This philosophy enables us to assist and carry out preliminary through to construction level documentation, construction programming, early high level estimates all whilst ensuring the design is in accordance with the scope of works and specifications outlined by the Client.

This also enables us to carry out value engineering during this entire process rather than after the fact, in turn ensuring the design is as efficient and as cost effective as possible. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is used extensively by Hanlon Plumbing Ltd as our design tool of choice. Collaborating quality information gives us a truly integrated - coordinated design that results in the delivery of a superior hydraulic system.